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By checking the box you acknowledge that we've taken every effort to inform you about the data we collect, how we may use it and how you can withdraw your consent. 

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Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to access the services provided by the 10X-e Learning Centre (or Leadership Toolkit, for short). By agreeing to this privacy policy, you are also agreeing that you are 16 years of age or older. 

What is collected? 

We collect information from you on the Leadership Toolkit website which is accessible from the URL:  

The information collected may include your: 

  • Demographic information such as your name and contact details,
  • In some cases, specifically in South Africa, sensitive personal information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act (as amended)
  • Usage of the Leadership Toolkit website such as the activities, resources, users and courses you interact with; 
  • Participation information, which may include grades for activities that you may or may not submit;  
  • Record of attendance or non-attendance of courses that require personal interactive contact sessions.
Not all information in your profile is mandatory, but completing the additional information (such as adding a profile picture) will make your experience richer and enhance the community of learning Leadership Toolkit aims to create.

Unless you're a 10X-e employee, you are in control of the demographic information you provide to us, and can amend it yourself on your Leadership Toolkit user preferences page.

Some information collected about your use of site is automated, such as calculating your grade for a course or which IP address is used to access an activity or resource on the site, or to process your information for a legitimate (and legal) purpose. 

How is this information used? 

The information collected on the Leadership Toolkit is primarily used to provide you with access to the courses and content hosted on the site for which you are eligible to access, but may also be used to: 

  • contact you about important updates to the website itself (including this privacy policy) and any course updates which we deem appropriate for dissemination; 
  •  inform you of contributions to community discussions and forums; 
  • carry out any contractual obligations arising from you or your employer's relationship with 10X-e to which you have consented; 
  • personalize your user experience on the website or any communications to you;  
  • gather statistical information about the usage of this site to improve the site and services we provided on the Leadership Toolkit website. 

Who is my data shared with? 

  • Your information is not sold or rented to third-parties outside of 10X-e, but we may be obliged to provide your information to: 
  • your employer, arising out of your employer's contractual relationship with 10X-e to which you have consented; 
  • an employee of 10X-e, or any of its subsidiaries for a legitimate purpose to provide you or your employer with a service arising out of a contractual obligation with 10X-e; 
  • a legitimate state institution or entity whom has requested information according to the Promotion of Access to Information Act, or similar legislation in your jurisdiction.

How long is my data stored? 

Your personal course data is stored as long as you are enrolled in one or more online courses on the Leadership Toolkit or have an account with us.

Course usage data or completion data is not deleted so as to enable 10X-e to authenticate your completion of a course.

Your profile may be deleted on request by completing a data deletion request, and neither you nor or anyone else will be able to access your information nor authenticate your course completion after this period. 10X-e reserves the right not to delete a profile or remove any course completion information in order to comply with other legislation, usually related to compliance record keeping.  

How is my information kept secure and where is it kept? 

Leadership Toolkit's data and the web-server that serves the site is in the United States, hosted in secure data center by our upstream hosting providers.

10X-e has put in place contractual agreements that safeguard your privacy and data protection rights with these providers.

It may be necessary to move or transfer your data into or out of the SADC area to provide the services described above or to share your information to a party with a legitimate interest. 

We strive to provide and maintain your data on a secure platform in line with industry related standards to safeguard your data. We conduct regular security and compliance audits and regularly update the software used to provide you with a service on this website.

How do I request a record of all my personal data that has been collected? 

You may request a record of all of the personal data relating to you that has been collected in accordance with this privacy policy. To do so, request a download of all your grades, site or course usage history or personal information from your Leadership Toolkit user profile. 

How do I withdraw my consent for Leadership Toolkit LMS? 

If you have previously consented to allow Leadership Toolkit LMS to store and process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy, and you wish to withdraw your consent, you can do so from the policy and agreements section on your Leadership Toolkit profile. You will no longer be able to access the services provided by 10X-e Learning Centre if you elect to withdraw your consent, your information will be anonymized and therefore inaccessible after 21 working days. 

How do I request that my personal data is corrected or erased? 

You may make corrections to your basic profile information by editing your own profile. If you have questions, or would like any other data to be corrected or erased, you can submit a request to the data protection officer from your user profile page.